Our Mission


Originally founded in 1994 in Houston, Pat Reid has personally trained over 2000 student athletes from all over central Texas.


Our Mission and purpose

Help young athletes find and stay on their personal path of MASTERY

Develop their awareness of what IS happening

Develop their awareness of what PRINCIPLES apply

Develop the ability to use MORE natural intelligence, curiosity, drive, physical ability, and talents

Try not to fix the student, rather draw out the best that lies within...



All in all, a different time with a different set of belief systems and priorities.

If you know of our training program, more than our affiliation with LTYA Elite Baseball Club, the #1 Most Important commitment we have at TASBA Sports Training is to make sure that your kid moves safely before they can advance to another movement program. If your son moves incorrectly at 9-14 yr olds, he runs a greater risk of injury later in life. Bad, disconnected movement patterns & physical dysfunction will lead to negative results. On the other hand, if your son learns to move better, learns to connect his moving body parts more consistently, and understand his body movement pattern & repeatability of that pattern, he gets stronger physically and experiences positive results. do you think that will lead to a better athlete later in his life? We sure do.

In this day of instant gratification, I am sorry to provide you with that Late Breaking News that your son's success should come later in life when it really matters most. Yes, it is great to win, but if you truly get what we at TASBA are about - the mentoring, teaching, skill development through the use of our mandated hand shake, connection balls, bands, sand pits, stairs, the Infamous Wall, and so on - you know that it is the process in which your son personally develops. From youth, to teenager, to adult, we place your son's habits, nutrition, work ethic, and character first and foremost in our process.

If you understand that as a parent, and want that for your son, then we are the place to be. I cant say that any clearer. I hope that you understand if you are looking for wins immediately because thats what you expect, that's what your past team did, or you as a former coach did then my next question would be to you, why are you here?

We don't do your typical training. What you grew up with, or maybe even what you have personally done as a coach or observed as a parent, may not be what you see at TASBA. However, we have also coached, trained, and mentored over 140 College Student-Athletes, 60 Division I Student-Athletes (including 3 QBs), 35 Professional Contracts, and 18 All State players, SO FARLast years Class of 2014 has 12 former clients with the opportunity to play college baseball, 8 of them at the Division I level. Its Not By Accident

From day one, our commitment to you and your son is this: if you are not 100% Satisfied at the end of the session, we will refund your TASBA Training money in Full. On the same hand, if you are not 100% committed to attending 2 days per week, we cannot guarantee your success. we train 4 days a week and offer 8 different time slots for your availability. We both have choices of who we do business with, and our business is long term Student-Athlete development. Thats who we are, thats what we do, and thats what you signed up for.

I truly hope that you understand, commit to being a positive participant, and a long time client with TASBA.

Yours in Baseball Training,

D. Patrick Reid