Team Training Program

 tasba works with teams of all ages to help your team reach their maximum potential


TASBA Training will concentrate on enhancing 5 Mechanical Efficiencies: 

- Postural Efficiency (Hitting & Pitching)

- Arm Action - Recovery - Throwing - Pitching

- Fielding 

- Speed - Agility - Quickness

- Overall Team Development


TASBA Training will also assist each player to find his own optimum: 

-    Tempo and Rhythm

-    Ability to repeat his required baseball skill movements


TASBA Training will address the following Pitching areas: 

-    Intent to have command in the strike zone

-    Momentum: Creating, Maintaining and Building upon

-    Sequencing

-    Synchronization and Degrees of Freedom of Throwing


The final goal of TASBAs Spring Season Training program is to Increase & Enhance: 

- Arm Action & Integrationthe combination of speed and strength

- Arm Health and Durability

- Core Stability


The 120 minute class will focus on:

- Dynamic Warm-Up

- Skill Specific Strength and Movement

- Skill Specific Mobility and Flexibility

- Arm Care and Core Training

- Skill Specific Baseball Training includes Hitting / Fielding / Throwing / Recovery


Here is what I am looking for: 

1.   Their dream is to play high school, college and / or professional baseball

2.   They love to throw / train more than they love to eat

3.   They would mark the date of the first training session and come prepared

4.   They are willing to accept the challenge of becoming internally great!

5.   They have been in search of a competent, high quality professional mentor to take them under his wing and help reach his personal goals