Lucky Number 13

Lucky Number 13 

I really enjoy this time of year because it is a moment in time when we can reflect on the

success that our TASBA clients are continuing to enjoy. Lucky Number 13 means that it is time

to announce that since the year 2013, 13 TASBA Pitching clients have received Division 1

athletic scholarships to a NCAA Major college baseball program of their dreams.

Why is that significant, you may ask, it is significant because since 2013, TASBA has not offered

competitive youth teams, therefore allowing us to focus on teaching, training many student

athletes regardless of their team affiliation. The success of such a move has been rewarded

today as I am announcing that not only are 17 TASBA clients playing Division 1 baseball, but

a total of 21 TASBA student athletes now have the chance to play their sport of choice at their

school of choice, since 2013.

5 years, 21 clients now playing collegiate sports, I am truly honored to be able to say that each

of these young men have earned the right to call themselves a college athlete. 

Do you know how hard it is to achieve what they have done. Let me tell you the numbers so that

you can be amazed like I am. The statistical chances of playing a sport at the college level

overall is 11.5% of every graduating High School senior athlete, but the statistical chance of

playing a sport in college at the Division 1 level is just 2.1%. Think about that statistic for a

minute, out of every student athlete that will graduate in 2018, 2.1% will play a sport at the

Division 1 level. 

So, at TASBA, one of our mantras is “Greatness is Not by Accident”, becomes really true to the

fact that once you look at the statistical numbers of such a feat, what our TASBA clients have

achieved in the just the past 5 years, 17 TASBA student athletes (13 Pitchers) who are now

playing Division 1 athletics, is truly a feat to be proud of. Even better, since 2013, is the fact that

3 of these young men have also signed professionally with a MLB organization (all pitchers).

As their teacher, trainer and mentor, I am honored to be able to announce this year’s group of 3

young men, so far, who have used the sport of baseball to get into a college / university of their


First up, is a young man true to my heart. Chase Ratliff (middle) has battled juvenile diabetes

ever since I have know him. From the age of 10 years old, Chase has battled everyday to

understand the importance of taking care of his body. While this has been on ongoing daily

struggle, he was excited to text me last week to let me know that he has accepted a baseball

scholarship offer to play baseball at Colorado State University - Pueblo. One of the great things

about Chase is that not only has he overcome all odds, but he understands what it takes, to

take what God has given him, turn it into a positive, become a role model for other J.D kids, who

now know that against all odds, if you grind long enough, you too, can experience success in

this lifetime. 

“It has been our sincere pleasure to be a part of Pat’s program for the greater part of a decade.

Pat Reid has been instrumental in our son’s development as an athlete and as a man of

character. During his time at TASBA, our son endured and overcame many obstacles life

presented and through it all, in every season of change, Pat was steadfast by his side

encouraging, mentoring and developing his strengths.

There are many choices in Austin for baseball development and instruction. Subsequently, few

create their program to develop exceptional athletes and men of integrity like TASBA does. Pat

forges lifelong relationships with his players through mutual respect and hard work. The lessons

your athlete learns at TASBA far exceed the game of baseball and apply to all aspects of life.

Our son is now a senior in high school and has committed to continue his academic and

baseball career at the college he has longed to attend since his childhood. Pat played an

integral part in his journey and we are extremely thankful for his mentorship, friendship and

knowledge at every turn.

The quote from Albert Einstein, “Try not to be a man of success. Rather become a man of

value,” encompasses all that TASBA and Pat Reid are. Together, they have empowered talented

young men to become unprecedented, successful athletes and men of value.”

Sara Figer

Next up is another young man who has touched my heart for other reasons than Chase. Hunter

Salinas (right) is a young man who truly understands the grind of life and what it takes to be

successful. Hunter was never the strongest, most talented kid growing up, in fact it was the

exact opposite, but I am proud to announce publicly today, that he too has accepted a baseball

scholarship offer to play baseball at Colorado State University - Pueblo. The most important part

of Hunter’s story, is that he may not even start this upcoming spring season, for his Lake Travis

High School baseball team, but by understanding the true grind process of being a student

athlete, Hunter will continue his dream of playing baseball at the collegiate level. Take about

perseverance, Hunter is the symbol of understanding what it takes to be committed to personal

greatness. Hunter also understands that “Wisdom from Failure” leads to future success. 


TASBA has been instrumental in Hunter's growth as a player, a team member and as a

respectful young man. Coach Pat 's high expectations, positive environment and research

based core building work-outs have enriched Hunter’s game and self-esteem. It is refreshing to

be a part of a program you can trust!       Ernie Salinas


Last but not least, is our lucky number 13. I am excited to announce that Jimmy Lewis (left) has

accepted an offer from Louisiana State University (LSU) to play baseball for the Tigers. Jimmy is

actually in the Class of 2019, but Jimmy becomes the third athlete that I have trained or

coached who will have played at LSU. If Jimmy follows in their footsteps, he too will have a

chance to play professionally, just like the other two, Ryan Jorgenson and Micah Gibbs, both

catchers, have done. Jimmy started in our program after his freshman year at Lake Travis. It is

truly a blessing for us to watch young people grow up right before our eyes. 

We just moved to Austin in January, 2015, from California, and prior to Cali we lived in

Florida. Therefore, we have been part of baseball programs in the 3 of the strongest sports

states in the country. I personally have a baseball background, and ended up having 2

rotator cuff surgeries that ended my career. Based on my history, we are very selective in

the coaching of our 14 year old son, Jimmy. He recently joined the TASBASTRONG program

and we could not be happier with the entire experience. Coach Reid and his staff have been

wonderful and I can already see results.

I was extremely impressed from the start when Coach Reid had each player undergo an

assessment with a sports vision therapist, an orthopedist, a chiropractor, and had them take

an APTUS test. The results give a solid baseline that is used to determine progress

throughout the program.

To be part of the program, the boys have to love baseball, be hard workers, and have the

drive to get better every day. My favorite part of the program is the fact that it focuses on

health, fitness, fundamentals, and the mental side of the game. Coach Reid and his staff

take a personal interest in each player and have created an encouraging and positive

environment, while pushing the players to become the best player possible.

I wish I would have had Coach Reid and his staff back when I played ball…

Jim Lewis

As you can see, it takes a special, unique student athlete to understand the grind process of

what it takes to commit to daily, weekly and yearly goals, in order to achieve their dreams. It is

possible to achieve greatness, if you have the true internal desire and commitment to succeed.

The road to success is not easy, but let me tell you from first hand experience, when I get that

phone call, that text, when I hear the excitement in their voice. that comes along with their

commitment, it makes my heart fill up with pure joy knowing that the we are changing the lives

of our clients, everyday. We Thank our God for that chance on a daily basis. 


TASBA believes in a philosophy of STEADY and CONSTANT

development of EACH athlete

TASBA Baseball Training System develops:

Speed Specific Agility & Coordination

Body Awareness and Synchronization of Moving Body Parts

Functional Core Strength and Explosiveness

Teaching Leadership & Character every day

Baseball Skill - Specific Movement Patterns 

TASBA Student - Athlete’s Success Statistics: 

99% of TASBA clients have made the high school athletic team

20 clients have been awarded High School All State Baseball Honors

145 clients have received academic or athletic awards to play a college sport

64 Division 1 Student - Athletes - since 2013 - (17) Div 1 student - athletes

37 Professional Baseball contracts

8 NCAA All - Americans 

To register for TASBA W!inter Baseball Training cell:512-293-9762

“For as long as I can remember I've always wanted to play professional baseball. My dad played, his

friends played, I watched it everyday on TV growing up. When I passed up on the opportunity to sign out

of high-school, it's because I had my own plans. 

I was going to attend Baylor and then sign when I finished my career there after getting my degree. Little

did I know, my own plans soon began to unfold. After I finished my last year at Baylor I didn't have the

opportunity to sign professionally. My dream seemed to come to a close. Fortunately my Dad and Pat

Reid were college teammates and Pat lived down the road in Austin. Since I needed an extra semester to

graduate, I decided to dedicate all my time on learning how to pitch. I never threw a single inning in high

school or at Baylor. 

Pat put me through the ringer and really pushed me hard because he knew what I wanted to achieve.

Spending my weekends down in Austin with Pat was a sacrifice I was willing to make because I knew that

Pat really had my best interest in mind. Pat wanted me to succeed just as bad as I wanted to. ! !

The time I spent with Pat was priceless and he put me in a perfect situation in order for me to excel. A

common question that I get now is, "Who taught you how to pitch?" I can confidently say that Pat Reid

was the sole reason for where I'm at today in my career. Without his knowledge of the game and love for

helping young men grow, I would be working in the real world, while my dream slowly slipped away. 

Thank you Pat for dedicating your time and allowing me to learn from you.” 

I truly appreciate that!   West Tunnel