Sandy Barr


Both of my sons have been playing for TASBA for the past two and a half years.  They have always felt comfortable at TASBA because Pat and his coaches are patient teachers more interested in helping their players develop their baseball skills, fitness and character than winning games at any cost.  Pat always strives to teach his players to be responsible for their own preparation while taking ownership for their own performance.  Mistakes during games are used as teachable moments and routines during practice are utilized to raise players' awareness of their attitude, behavior and execution so that they are in a better position to self-adjust in game situations and obtain successful results.  Because of these guiding principles and his kind, dignified demeanor my sons have always respected Pat and his coaches and had faith in TASBA's ability to help them carry their game to the next level.  In addition, from a parent's perspective, I have always found Pat and his coaches approachable and willing to discuss my sons' needs and progress.