Ron Wolforth

Coach Pat Reid of TASBA has become synonymous with velocity creation, the development of arm speed and, maximizing arm health and durability. With pitching injuries at an all time high and athletes as young as 11 years old having "Tommy John" surgery, Coach Reid has emphasized the importance of making sure the arm, the body, and the mind are all prepared to handle the workloads it will face. His program is designed to build athleticism, develop dynamic strength, enhance explosiveness, add to natural power and elastic body movement, increase neuromuscular efficiency, speed up arm action, as well as allow for freedom of the individual and their own personal preferences. Coach Reid has trained in our system for over 14 years now. Pat has been constantly updating his training program along with us as we continue to challenge and update our own belief system. AS A MATTER OF FACT, PAT IS THE ONLY AUSTIN BASED TRAINER THAT FULLY UNDERSTANDS OUR SYSTEMS AND HOW TO IMPLEMENT THE PRINCIPLES NEEDED IN ORDER TO MAXIMIZE THE BENEFIT OF EACH INDIVIDUAL PLAYER. He is a great representative of youth baseball development and his experience / expertise has been a huge asset in our own training camps here at the Texas Baseball Ranch.  He is a person that I would trust with training / mentoring my own son. Come experience the difference for yourself. Your son will “THANK YOU” later.