tasba offers a wide variety of innovative and unique WORKOUT programs to maximze your child's athletic potential

Your child will improve – And it is not limited to just baseball. Their athleticism and demeanor will also change for the better.
— John Bradshaw

Arm Action and Velocity

Our Arm Action and Velocity (AAV) Training program utilizes a "ground-up" approach that will unlock the athlete's body and realize the potential in their arm.  We train athletes to create the link that has to move from their feet to their fingertips by conditioning the athlete using proven techniques collected over 14 years of instruction and success.

In addition to professional and MLB experience, our staff has trained and studied with a wide-variety of arm-strengthening gurus including:  Ron Wolforth, Alan Jaeger, and Tom House.  Our staff also has first-hand knowledge of MLB workout and recovery programs used by greats such as Justin Verlander, Kenny Rogers, Todd Jones, Andrew Miller, Jason Grilli and more.  

We are working to incorporate video analysis in our very own Throwing Lab, which will be used to evaluate every player's biomechanical strengths and weaknesses.

The best way to determine if our program will benefit your athlete is to book an evaluation, and experience a training session first-hand.


Functional athletic Movement

Functional Athletic Movement (FAM) is understanding how an athlete's body moves in unison in space and time, and how it can repeat those movements at a high rate of speed with control and explosiveness.  Once a player understands their movement patterns, we train the body and mind to become more explosive in multiple directions.  Not only does an athlete's body have to be explosive, it has to be able to recover, and explode again...


Our FAM Training Program is designed for athletes of all ages and gender, regardless of their sport.

This program has also been created from a vast array of first-hand experience and years of education.  As part of this program, athletes will work with professional speed coaches, certified strength coaches, professional athletic trainers, and former athletes with first-hand experience at a pro-sport level.  The athlete will also receive a Functional Movement Screening from Dr. Stephen Reinlie at Next Level Chiropractic and Rehabilitation.


Baseball Training and Development

Sports-specific training is pivotal for baseball players to achieve next-level results.  Our program utilizes workouts and anaerobic conditioning methods used by current MLB teams and trainers to train fast-twitch muscles and prepare an athlete for the rigors of a baseball season at any position on the diamond.  Not only does this program incorporate our AAV Training program, it includes:

  • Arm care and recovery training
  • Skill specific training:  Throwing - Pitching - Hitting - Catching
  • Speed - Agility - Quickness training
  • Skill-specific mechanical breakdown and evaluation

All of our student-athletes are expected to maintain the highest level of respect on and off the field, believe in themselves to achieve a greater goal, and adhere to high academic standards.  They will become more instinctive on the baseball field, and begin to trust their own capabilities and talents.  Once this occurs, the athlete transitions from a passive state to a state of confidence that makes them capable of making great things happen routinely.  This is our goal for each and every athlete that enters the TASBA Baseball Training and Development program.