The Inaugural Season of TASBASTRONG Numbers are in...

As many of you know, we started the TASBASTRONG Training program this past September 2015 and we just concluded the final testing assessment last week. We had to share because we could not be happier with the results.

We had 25 young men, ages 8 – 18, participate in the inaugural program and each athlete improved in every category that we measured. Here’s a recap of the average gains overall:

TASBA Wall Series: + 20.69 touches

Bat exit speed: + 6.91 mph

Foot speed: 0.32 seconds faster

Pitching velocity: +2.4 mph (in just 2 months as we started in Dec!)

Because I could not be more proud of these hard-working men, I’d like to highlight a few of their accomplishments:

TASBA Wall Series

Jake Stein age 12: + 49 touches!

Hunter Powell age 12: + 45 touches

Ricky Budleisch age 16: + 32 touches

Dylan Petrosky age 16 : + 31,

Hayden Hughes age 15 and Zach Dealy age 12: + 30 touches

Bat speed / Ball exit speed, Coach Jacob Madrid

(Measurement taken from a ball being placed on the batting tee and the Stalker Radar gun placed in front of it approximately 40 feet away.)

Jimmy Lewis age 15: +14 mph,

Hayden Hughes age XX: + 12.40 mph,

Cross Lowder age 12: + 11.80 mph

Andres Plackis age 14: + 10.80 mph

Christian Murphy age 15: + 10 mph

Foot Speed, Coach Joey VanLaningham

(Measurement taken through stopwatch during 20-yard dash.)

Mike Maclean age 16: .53 seconds faster

Hunter Powell age 12: .39 seconds faster

Jack Peurrung age 16: .34 seconds faster

Hayden Hughes age XX: .35 seconds faster

Marshall Mobley age 18: .40 seconds faster

Peyton Burleson age 13: .30 seconds faster

Zach Dealy age 12:  .31 seconds faster

Velocity / Arm Speed, Coach Brad Dydalewicz

The first 3 months of the TASBASTRONG Throwing and Recovery program focused on throwing movement and recovery. Brad and our staff taught weighted ball movement patterns, during which emphasis was placed on connecting the arm to the torso after the rotation of the lower body begins the movement. We film from 2 different angles to begin the program and assess patterns. We then use connection balls to teach correct arm patterns, pronation and declaration for less stress and a positive backside release to help with the continual deceleration pattern.

Hunter Powell, age 12: +8.80 mph

TJ Heinz age 8: +4.80 mph

Eric Maldonado age 14:  +4.0 mph

Julian Meza age 15: + 3.80 mph

Garrett Phillips age 16: +3.20 mph

Jimmy Lewis age 15: +3.20 mph

These are really great results, but the process that took place beforehand is what I’m most excited about. Each young man went through a series of 4 - 5 different assessments conducted by the TASBASTRONG Partners including: Dr Frosty Moore and Dr Grayson Moore (elbow and shoulder stabilization), Dr Steven Reinlie (baseball movement pre-screening analysis), Dr Briana Larson and her staff at Occupational Center for Vision Therapy (eye movement and tracking assessment), Garrett Salpeter (ArpWave Nervous system assessment), and Retired Colonel Craig Flowers (APTUS learning assessment). These are all critical areas to assess so that each player’s time in the program can be focused and customized to make sure our athletes grow stronger and stay healthy.

Being associated with these outside resources, who are all interested in changing the concept of what it means to be a baseball player in today’s world, is simply an honor for my staff and for me at TASBA. We all understand and appreciate the opportunity to be in the injury prevention business, and that is a commitment we make to your athletes at TASBA. We want your young men to play multiple sports as they grow and develop, while being challenged to succeed both athletically and academically. It is our responsibility to make sure that each and every player who participates in the TASBASTRONG Fall Training program, the TASBA Spring Training program and / or the TASBA GRAYS Baseball Club, is physically prepared, healthy, and ready to become the best athlete they can be. Rest assured that we take that responsibility very seriously.


Interested in TASBA Spring Training or want to learn more about the TASBA GRAYS Club? Give me a call at 512-293-9672.

Yours in Baseball Training,

D. Pat Reid