Michelle Brown


I am writing to express how excited we are to be a part of TASBA. There is a reason we drive 20 miles away on way, three times a week to train at your facility. Our son, Kyle, has always been a pretty good baseball player, but there was always something lacking. Now it’s obvious that in the past he was only being developed to play the game of baseball. TASBA allowed him to develop in so many ways like respect, nutrition, and self-confidence. Kyle looks at the training sessions as a fun thing to do and not just work out, not realizing he is getting mentally and physically set for his future. After playing in our first tournament last weekend it was amazing to see Kyle on the field and how much he had developed in the past six months.

Coach Reid is amazing! Prior to us joining TASBA, Kyle was having pitching problems. Coach worked with him because he believed in him, and last weekend Kyle pitched four innings with nine strikeouts. Talk about raising a boy’s confidence level, that speaks for itself. Therefore, I am writing to thank you for not just teaching baseball, but also values that can be utilized throughout his life.