Here at TASBA, we don't believe in taking the "easy road". Our training program is the most innovative system in Austin, and we spend every day trying to improve for the sake of our students. This has been proven by our clear results and the testimonies of players, coaches, and parents who have been involved in our program. However, at TASBA we pride ourselves in more than just our ability to take your baseball talent to the next level. We dedicate our time and effort to providing each one of our students with the tools to become the best player, athlete, and overall person they can possibly be. The most important thing to realize is that TASBA is a FAMILY. Once you join this family you will have full support of every player and coach here, receive the best instruction that Central Texas has to offer, and be given the tools to help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself.


no one is too old or too young to move forward on their path to mastery



Find out more about the founder of TASBA, Pat Reid, and the mission of the organization.

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