John Evans

I’m writing you today to tell you of my Son Patrick’s success after being part of TASBA between 2004 & 2007. No, Patrick didn’t get a D-1 Scholarship or Professional Contract.  He did, however get a “Free Ride” the one year he played at Midland College, and “tuition and fees” the next year he chose to be a Coaches Assistant. Patrick went on to finish school and take a job at Grand Saline as a P.E. Coach/Football Assistant/J.V. –Varsity Basketball Coach/J.V. Baseball Coach and Catchers Coach. Last year his J.V. Baseball Team came in First with a record of 18-2.  His Catchers had a high percentage putout rate in Steal attempts.  I saw the Varsity Catcher throw out all but one attempted steals. Although Patrick isn’t one of the premier players of the Program, he is most definitely doing what he is meant to do and I believe his time with TASBA has a lot to do with the way he approaches his work. Thank you Coach Reid for the opportunity that has helped him do an outstanding job.