John Bradshaw


When my son, Justin, started kid pitch baseball, his throws were barely making to the plate. After hearing from another dad how TASBA had helped his son’s arm strength, I decided to sign Justin up for the pitching program. In mere months, under the watchful eye of Pat and Brad, Justin’s velocity improved a whopping 8 Miles Per Hour. His control also improved. He now throws twice as many strikes than he did before the TASBA program. I should also mention, due to the conditioning program at TASBA, Justin’s soccer game has also improved. He is faster, more agile, and has more endurance. He kicks the ball harder and scores more goals. As a parent it is fun to watch.

I would recommend TASBA to anyone that has a kid who is ready to take on the challenge and put in the work. They will improve – And it is not limited to just baseball. Their athleticism and demeanor will also change for the better. They will learn discipline and they will practice respect.

As long as Justin wants to play baseball, we will use TASBA as part of his development.