Grant Schneider

My name is Grant Schneider. I started working with Pat Reid at TASBA as 12 year old and am now an 18 year old college freshman enrolling as a student athlete in a Division I program. Through his strength and conditioning program, as well as velocity training, I was able to recognize my bodys strengths and weaknesses at a young age and put those weaknesses to the test.

Ive referred many of my friends and teammates to Pat because Ive seen the results he has on velocity specifically, as well as physical strength and mental toughness. I started at TASBA in 6th grade as a really tall, really fat 12 year old topping out at 74 mph and finished High School as a 63, 200 lb. lean and powerful RHP topping out at 95 mph.

Pat helped me specifically by strengthening my core, as well as working to strengthen the decelerator muscles that slow down pitchers arms located in the shoulder and back area. I continually did band work, weighted ball throwing, stairwell running and jumping, power workouts on the wall, and of course power resistance training on everyones favorite: the vertimax. So many pitchers today get early shoulder and elbow problems because of overthrowing, but also because they either dont do or dont know the types of drills needed to strengthen the muscles in their body to prevent those injuries. I was fortunate enough to have those drills through Pat and never had any arm issues. He also taught me pitching mechanics to maximize velocity by using my legs and core to generate strength as well as pronation to reduce arm stress.

Pat has so many connections with the baseball world. If your son is interested in playing Division 1 College Baseball and Professional Baseball, Pat has all the connections you need. He helped me get into my first college camp at Vanderbilt University as a sophomore, and then the Stanford camp in the summer of my sophomore year. Before that I was fortunate enough to have Pat send me to a team representing the U.S. in the Dominican Republic in an 8 country world series.

I really and truly owe my success to coach Reid who is a 2nd father to me. I was given a baseball and academic scholarship to attend Arizona State University and I couldnt have done it without him.

Coach Reid doesnt only train players, but develops them into young adults and gives them the mental fortitude needed to play baseball beyond high school. Baseball is a grind and I learned that at a young age, but the work Pat does at TASBA gets you ready for that grind and gives you a head start against the other.