Chris Schneider

My son is a 17 year old High School Junior, has been working with Pat Reid and TASBA since he was 12 years old, and has verbally committed to play college baseball at the Division I level in the Pac 12 Conference.  As a parent, there are a variety of choices in Central Texas in term of select baseball programs and instructors.  If the goal of your child is to play ball at the high school level, any of these many organizations will be adequate.  But if your son has an interest in not only succeeding at the high school level, but also playing in college or in the pros, it requires a different type of coach and trainer. 

First of all your son must have a strong work ethic and be willing to take coaching from someone other than his father, someone who understands that success is a multi year journey, not a destination they wish to achieve in 6 or 12 months just to be with his friends.  Secondly, he must be willing to be a non-conformist, that is - expose himself to training that will truly challenge his character and enhance his abilities by improving every aspect of his game. This unique training and development program is exclusive to Pat Reid and his TASBA organization.  Pat makes the kids think differently about how to develop their skills beyond the typical talent level of a high school baseball player. As a periodic instructor at, and disciple of the nationally known Ron Wolforth Baseball Ranch, Pat Reid understands what college coaches and professional scouts are looking for in high school baseball talent and Pat develops these proper training habits and baseball knowledge in the formative, Middle School years.  Some may call Pats training unconventional, but with more and more college and pro coaches embracing Ron Wolforths methods, Pat Reid is an ideal trainer and his teams provide optimal exposure not just on a state level but on a National level.

During the past 5 years there have been many kids who are friends with my son - boys who played with TASBA or worked out with Pat, who have left Pats program to look for greener pastures because it the easy decision to follow their other friends.  Several of these fathers have since told me how great Pat was for their son and how they regret that they didnt stay with TASBA.  Its not easy to be different, but my son is so pleased at his decision to play for Pat over the last 5 years because the exposure that he has received through Pats national connections is significantly better than he would have received in other programs in Austin.  Pat cares about the success of the kids first and he does not allow himself to get sucked in to any type of money grab associated with only fielding baseball teams. Instead, the more Pat sees that your son is willing to work, the more he gives back in terms of playing situations and even more in skill development.  Its a two way street.

Pats facilities are very impressive and his training staff includes current college players as well as current and former Minor League Players.  His staff not only works to develop baseball talent, but also they provide a positive environment for your son to develop character as he matures into a young adult.

During the freshman and sophomore years in High School we relied on Pats recommendation for the right national showcases to attend, the proper college camps to attend, and the pros and cons of coaching styles at different colleges.  Pat doesnt just know about these events and organizations, he knows influential people at high levels within these programs who trust him and take his recommendations.  Pat is humble about his relationships with these key individuals because he does not want to abuse the trust he has gained through his years of promoting top talent to them.  We saw Pats actions and relationships work in wonderful ways, particularly over the last 6 months when my son was put in situations by Pat that allowed him to get recognized by many strong college programs, and ultimately accept a verbal offer to play college baseball at Arizona State University.

Success truly is a journey and Pat Reid & TASBA can be the catalyst for that journey with your sons commitment and dedication.